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Valentine’s Day Date Sheet 2018

Here you will find Valentine’s Day Week List for 2018 along with Valentine’s tips, Messages, HD Wallpapers and so on. We all are in wait to celebrate entire month. We are always trying to make it awesome and hence we need to plan it for the event, right? So here we have presented a complete list of days for Valentine’s Day 2018 Week List.

Valentine’s Day 2018 Week List


Rose Day | 7th February 2018 | Wednesday

The very first day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a rose day. On this day lovers, give a rose to each other for the purpose of showing his/her feeling of love. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Rose Day 2018.

Propose Day | 8th February 2018 | Thursday

The Second day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Propose Day. On this day Boyfriend and Girlfriend Propose here partner for marriage. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Propose Day 2018.

Chocolate Day | 9th February 2018 | Friday

The Third day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Chocolate Day. On this day lovers give chocolate to share their feeling of love. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Chocolate Day 2018.

Teddy Bear Day | 10th February 2018 | Saturday

The Fourth day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Teddy Bear Day. On this day Male will give teddy dear to his lover to share the feeling of love. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Teddy Bear Day 2018.

Promise Day | 11th February 2018 | Sunday

The Fifth day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Promise Day. On this day both lover promise each other to be loyal for entire life. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Promise Day 2018.

Hug Day | 12th February 2018 | Monday

The Sixth day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Hug Day. On this day both male and female hug each other to show their feelings. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Hug Day 2018.

Kiss Day | 13th February 2018 | Tuesday

The Seventh day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Kiss Day. Couple celebrate this day by kissing each other. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Kiss Day 2018.

Valentine’s Day | 14th February 2018 | Wednesday

The Eighth day of a valentine’s day 2018 week is a Valentine’s Day itself. This day is the most important day in entire week of the valentine’s day. Click here for getting tips, messages, wallpapers for Valentine’s Day 2018.

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How to Add Valentine’s Day Special Falling Heart Widget in Blogger

On the occasion of valentine’s day, everyone will start their preparation for the celebration. Everyone wants to make this valentines day 2018 as a special one. You are here on this page so let me assume that you either a blogger of website owner right.

Visitors engagement of the website or a blog matters a lot. Today the entire world is shifting from physical to virtual world and website is the strong media for the same.

Attractive widgets of the websites are really matters when it comes to designing side. We have identified your requirement and created a special widget for the event that is happy valentine’s day 2018.

Demo: A lovely Red Hearts are falling down. I Guest you have already found it on this page. 🙂

Script Code:

<a id=”lnk” href=”” title=”Happy Valentine’s Day 2018″></a>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
//Configure below to change URL path to the snow image
var snowsrc=””
// Configure below to change number of snow to render
var no = 10;
// Configure whether snow should disappear after x seconds (0=never):
var hidesnowtime = 0;
// Configure how much snow should drop down before fading (“windowheight” or “pageheight”)
var snowdistance = “pageheight”;
///////////Stop Config//////////////////////////////////
var ie4up = (document.all) ? 1 : 0;
var ns6up = (document.getElementById&&!document.all) ? 1 : 0;
function iecompattest(){
return (document.compatMode && document.compatMode!=”BackCompat”)? document.documentElement : document.body
var dx, xp, yp; // coordinate and position variables
var am, stx, sty; // amplitude and step variables
var i, doc_width = 800, doc_height = 600;
if (ns6up) {
doc_width = self.innerWidth;
doc_height = self.innerHeight;
} else if (ie4up) {
doc_width = iecompattest().clientWidth;
doc_height = iecompattest().clientHeight;
dx = new Array();
xp = new Array();
yp = new Array();
am = new Array();
stx = new Array();
sty = new Array();
snowsrc=(snowsrc.indexOf(“”)!=-1)? “” : snowsrc
for (i = 0; i < no; ++ i) {
dx[i] = 0; // set coordinate variables
xp[i] = Math.random()*(doc_width-50); // set position variables
yp[i] = Math.random()*doc_height;
am[i] = Math.random()*20; // set amplitude variables
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if (ie4up||ns6up) {
if (i == 0) {
document.write(“<div id=\”dot”+ i +”\” style=\”POSITION: absolute; Z-INDEX: “+ i +”; VISIBILITY: visible; TOP: 15px; LEFT: 15px;\”><a href=\””><img src='”+snowsrc+”‘ border=\”0\”><\/a><\/div>”);
} else {
document.write(“<div id=\”dot”+ i +”\” style=\”POSITION: absolute; Z-INDEX: “+ i +”; VISIBILITY: visible; TOP: 15px; LEFT: 15px;\”><a href=\””><img src='”+snowsrc+”‘ border=\”0\”><\/a><\/div>”);
function snowIE_NS6() { // IE and NS6 main animation function
doc_width = ns6up?window.innerWidth-10 : iecompattest().clientWidth-10;
doc_height=(window.innerHeight && snowdistance==”windowheight”)? window.innerHeight : (ie4up && snowdistance==”windowheight”)? iecompattest().clientHeight : (ie4up && !window.opera && snowdistance==”pageheight”)? iecompattest().scrollHeight : iecompattest().offsetHeight;
for (i = 0; i < no; ++ i) { // iterate for every dot
yp[i] += sty[i];
if (yp[i] > doc_height-50) {
xp[i] = Math.random()*(doc_width-am[i]-30);
yp[i] = 0;
stx[i] = 0.02 + Math.random()/10;
sty[i] = 0.7 + Math.random();
dx[i] += stx[i];
document.getElementById(“dot”+i).style.left=xp[i] + am[i]*Math.sin(dx[i])+”px”;
snowtimer=setTimeout(“snowIE_NS6()”, 10);
function hidesnow(){
if (window.snowtimer) clearTimeout(snowtimer)
for (i=0; i<no; i++) document.getElementById(“dot”+i).style.visibility=”hidden”
if (ie4up||ns6up){
if (hidesnowtime>0)
setTimeout(“hidesnow()”, hidesnowtime*1000)
if (typeof lnk!== ‘undefined’) {

How to Install Widget Code in Blogger Blog:

  • Login in Blogger:
  • Select your Blog:
  • Navigate: Layout > Add a Widget > Find HTML/JavaScript.
  • Copy Above Script Code and paste it in the content field.(Leave Title Field Blank)
  • Click on Save Button. That’s it….Enjoy.

Universal Instruction:

Be careful before making any kind of changes, kindly backup your website first. Cody above script code and paste it just above </body> tag of your website. Save template.

If you still face any difficulties in installing the widget on your website then kindly drop your comment below, We will try to solve your query.

Latest 80+ Valentines Day Status For WhatsApp Facebook 2018

When you are with the right person, every day is Valentine’s Day!
If hugs were water, I’d give u a sea. If kisses were leaves, I’d give u a tree. If love was time, I’d give u eternity but if love was a person, I’d send u me <3
Babe, you’re my everything. I love you for you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I will love you forever and always. Happy Valentine’s Day <3 🙂
A SMILE can make people happy, LOVE can make the world go around, but FRIENDS make life worth living. Thank you for being my FB friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Word cannot express how much my friends mean to me you laugh at my jokes & lift me up when I am down Just know you are Loved & Appreciated. Happy Valentines Day
thinks it would be fun to work at a restaurant on Valentines day and leave a fake engagement rings in all the girls drinks, then just watch the mens faces
Happy “I may be single, but at least I’m not desperate” Day! =)
Valentine’s Day – the one day that all women want to hear those three little words: Chocolate isn’t fattening.
Just because you are not in a relationship does not mean you are not loved … it means the right person hasn’t opened their eyes to see you yet.. have faith…
I’m not celebrating valentines day this year – I’m gonna celebrate single awareness day! Gonna buy myself some chocolates and flowers cos no one else will! 🙂
To all my friends who are committed-Happy Valentine’s Day. And to those who are single-Happy Independence Day. To those who have broken up-Happy Republic Day 😛
Box of chocolate, $20, dinner for two, $80, dozen roses, $100, being single this year on Valentine’s Day and saving $200, PRICELESS!
Valentine’s Day is really everyday of the year to show the love you have for that special someone. Show it and live it each day, not just on Feb. 14th.
Valentine’s day is coming up? Dammit, I forgot to get a boyfriend again!
Roses are red, violets are blue, my life’s complete now that I have you. I love you my precious daughter!
~♥…Happy Valentine’s Day…♥ Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking,
Happy Valentines day to all my friends and family. Remember, its not just for couples, its to celebrate love in all forms. Love is all around you xxx xx
What is Love? In math it’s a problem. In history it’s a battle. In science it’s a reaction. In art it’s a heart with an arrow. But to me… It’s simple it’s u
“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Vodka is cheaper, than dinner for two”just sayin.
🙂 like this status if you are single and celebrating Singles Awareness Day on the 14th 🙂
I’m spending Valentines day with the cutest, nicest, most amazing person ever. Me!!!
Those 3 words we all want to hear this Valentine’s Day: LET’S. GET. NAKED.
Valentine’s day isn’t about loving someone for one day, it’s about appreciating someone for who they are and loving them for all eternity!! <3 xxx
wishes happy valentines day to all my gorgeous facebook friends…hope you all get lots’a’lovin!!!!
doesn’t just want a Valentine. She wants someone who will make her smile, hold her tight, and who just wants to be with her… everyday.
I just got 14 valentines cards, I’m totally shocked & breathless. That security guard in Clintons gave quite a chase.
For the handsome man who shares my life, I find the sweetest happiness coming home to you. With all my love on Valentines Day! I love you!
This Valentine’s give her what she really wants. A throne forged of her enemies and a reign of relentless terror over the masses.
Happy Valentines Day!! May today remind us all that saying “I Love You” doesn’t cost anything, but may be priceless to someone who hears it 🙂 xoxo
Impress your lady this Valentine’s Day by giving her a delicious gourmet box of listening
To all my single male & female friends. If no one else loves you, I do. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hugs!! xoxoxox
From the moment we met, I could tell there was something special about you, something wonderful. You are the love of my life, my partner, my friend.
roses are red, violets are blue, Valentines would suck without friends like you! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
valentines day is also singles awareness day meaning that all those who are single are completely aware that they are single!
Dear Alcohol… Will you be my Valentine? <3
being alone on Valentine’s Day sucks enough as is, but it sucks even more when there’s actually somebody you really, really want to spend it with, but can’t.
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 🙂 Remember – you have to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else! 🙂
Flowers, chocolates and cards are what people want on Valentine’s Day but all I want is you.:)
A real man makes everyday feel like valentine’s day <3
Just seen a well funny Valentine’s card. Roses are straight, violets are twisted. Bend over love, ur about to get fisted!! you won’t get that on!!
To all my single male & female friends. If no one else loves you, I do. Happy Valentine’s Day!! And to all my friends with partners have a lovely day,! Hugs xx
I don’t need someone to love me, kiss me, hug me, and hold me this Valentine’s Day. I need someone who will do that for the other 365 days of the year.
Dear Valentines day ┌П┐(⌣́_⌣̀)┌П┐
Happy Valentines to all the couples out there, may your love last forever… And to all the single people out there, may your Batteries last forever…lol
valentines day is not just for showing love to your other half…much love to my family ,friends and most important much love to my beautiful kids xxxxxxxx
If someone makes your heart and soul smile – pull them close, hold on tight and never let go!
I will never be your first kiss, first love, first valentine, first fight, or first date but I don’t want to be your first anything, I just want to be your last
roses are red, pencils are grey, if it wasn’t for women, men would be gay
Valentines day is not only for the people you are in a relationship with. It’s for the people you care for & love! Happy Valentines day to all my friends!! <3
Valentine’s is just another Day. I love you everyday of my life and I am blessed to have found you. Thank you for loving me
Wonders why we need a holiday for love. We should show it 24/7, why do we need a yearly reminder? If you can forget who you love, then there is no love at all.
I’m the luckiest woman in the world, I have two Valentines, one calls me mommy and the other calls me hunny. 🙂 Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
Valentine’s Day soon 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to the people who are in a relationship and Happy Single Pringle Day to those who haven’t found love yet 🙂 xxxx
no women will ever truly be satisfied on V-day BC no man has a chocolate penis, wrapped in money, that ejaculates Diamonds!
To my best friend,I love you today,tomorrow and forever making more happy memories along the way, Forever in my heart xxx
Valentine’s is not just for couples, it’s about love to share. So think about the people you love and let them know you care. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone <3
Love one another, be kind to one another. This is my Valentines wish for you. Let your love show through your actions.
Cupid=Valentine’s Day — Really? When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon!
On this Valentine’s Day, Just want to say, I’m sending warm wishes With, hugs, and Kisses. Love you my dear friends
~<3~<3~<3~<3~Spreading the LOVE this Valentine’s Day~<3~<3~<3~<3~
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! A day to celebrate love! May those of you keep your love strong, and to those who are still looking, may it not be very long!
Look on the bright side, if you are single on Valentine’s Day you don’t have to worry about getting dumped.
I’m the luckiest woman in the world. My valentine calls me Mommy. 🙂
When you love someone, it’s nothing. When someone loves you, it’s something. When you love someone & they love you back, it’s everything —
Happy Valentine’s Day to all the people I love. If you are reading this..then that means you. I love my Facebook friends XOXO
I may not be perfect, but neither are you. You make me happy, you make me sad.You make me smile, you make me mad. But I have this to say I love you everyday!
Dear Valentine’s Day…thanks for reminding me I’m SINGLE!
Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re single, randomly run up and hug somebody, then run off. I’m sure they’ll like it. If not, you’ll learn what mace feels like.
Valentine’s Day (val*en*tinez dae) n. A day when you have dreams of a candlelight dinner, diamonds, and romance, but consider yourself lucky to get a card
Happy Valentine’s Day, I will be at work…please forward all flowers, chocolates, cards and gifts there…thanks <3
Hope everyone has a special Valentine’s Day, filled with love, laughter, caring and sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Any man who waits for Valentines day to treat his girl like a queen, is failing 364 days a year! A real man would make his girl feel special everyday <3
The virtue of love is not to find the perfect person…but to love the imperfect person PERFECTLY 😉
roses r red, nuts r brown. Skirts r up and pants r down. So when it’s stiff, stick it in. God never said, sex is a sin x
Dear Valentine’s Day, Thanks for taking all the happily dating/married couples in the world and shoving them in my face. Screw you too Cupid.
Valentine’s Day is not about the cards, gifts, dinners or flowers, it’s about being with the 1 you love. U should appreciated and celebrated your ♥ everyday
Why don’t candy hearts say things we really mean like “Pick Up Your Socks” and “Farting Isn’t Funny”?
Valentine’s Day is not about the gifts the fancy dinners or a dozen roses, it’s about being with the one you love & making wonderful memories together<3<3
Happy Valentines day to my mom, who is in heaven, you may not be here with me anymore, but you have my heart forever, i love and miss you mom,
Happy Valentine’s day to all those spending it in Heaven this year..sending you much love from earth via Cupid’s arrow we love you and miss you!
Valentines Day isn’t about the chocolate or the flowers its all about love and to share love with all your friends and family happy Valentines day everyone
I love how you make me laugh. I love how you make me smile. I love how you accept me for who I am. Most importantly. I love you.(:
wonders if cupid has a job opening??? I would luv to shoot people in the a** and get away with it!!!
Some people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day or a father on Father’s Day, so stop complaining about being single on valentine’s day.
You were once the man of my dreams, Now you are my reality. Love you more each day..Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo
I wanted to send you something Romantic for Valentines, but the mailman told me to get out of the mailbox.
Valentine’s Day is NOT just for lovers. It is also for friends and family. Have a most loving Valentine’s Day my FRIENDS and FAMILY <3
I wish I could ask the sexiest person in the world out for Valentine’s Day, but it would be a little weird if I asked myself out. :/
Love is not about flowers, cards and candy, It is about the other 364 days that you show her she still exists!